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Celebrating all the incredible dads among us today! Happy Father’s Day!

This Father's Day, we're celebrating the incredible dads who make Antaki Holding GPPK such a great place to work! ‍‍ Join us as we raise a mug to all the amazing fathers in our company—from the dedication they show at work to the love they provide at home. These personalized mugs are a small token of appreciation for everything they do.
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Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX G2 - Discover Your New MAX

Unlock your new MAX with the world's most durable and comfortable electric KickScooter. Newly-developed RideyLONG gives the MAX G2 powerful rear-wheel drive and extra long range. Double suspension and traction control system make your ride stable on uneven terrain. Available now! Shop online: https://beytech.com.lb/product/segway-ninebot-kickscooter-max-g2-e/

Geske: The Future of Personalized Skincare

Geske is revolutionizing the skincare industry with the power of Artificial Intelligence. We offer a revolutionary approach to achieving healthy, radiant skin, tailored to each individual's unique needs.
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Cook like a PRO with MasterPRO European Brand for Cookware & Accessories

Calling all culinary enthusiasts! ‍‍ Ready to transform your kitchen into a space that inspires creativity and exceptional cooking? Look no further than Masterpto, the premier European brand for premium cookware and kitchen accessories.
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Happy Mother's Day to Our Supermoms! From Antaki Holding GPPK Family

This Mother's Day, we celebrate the incredible women who make Antaki Holding GPPK such a special place! We know our working moms juggle a million things, and we wanted to show our appreciation for their dedication and love. So, we surprised them with Geske beauty care devices, a gift to help them unwind and pamper themselves. Check The amazing reactions of our moms receiving their Geske devices and beautiful tulips. A heartfelt message of thanks for all they do, both at work and at home. A glimpse into the supportive and empowering environment we strive to create at Antaki Holding GPPK Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms out there!

Cooking Like a Master! Unveiling the Masterpro by Alessi Collection

Introducing Masterpro by Alessi - Where professional-grade meets stunning Italian design.