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52 Years of Excellence: Antaki Holding Celebrates a Legacy of Innovation and Progress


2023 marks a momentous occasion for Antaki Holding GPPK – 52 years of navigating the ever-evolving landscape of Lebanese business with unwavering dedication and a commitment to progress. This anniversary is not just a milestone, but a testament to the company’s remarkable journey, driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep-rooted family legacy.

From Humble Beginnings to a Flourishing Enterprise:

The story of Antaki Holding begins in 1947 when Gabriel S. Antaki, fueled by entrepreneurial spirit, laid the foundation with his photography business. While the early years saw steady growth, the Lebanese Civil War in 1975 presented a formidable challenge. However, with resilience and vision, Selim and Farid Antaki joined forces, not only weathering the storm but strategically expanding the company’s reach by securing exclusive distribution rights for leading brands in electronics, communication, and home appliances.

A Transformation and a New Chapter:

The year 1987 marked a pivotal moment with the establishment of Antaki Holding S.A.L., solidifying the company’s structure and paving the way for further growth. Fast forward to 2006, Selim Antaki established Antaki GPPK S.A.L., named after his children, Gaby, Pamela, Paola, and Karl, signifying their dedication to carrying forward the family tradition of excellence.

Standing Tall with a Diversified Portfolio:

Today, Antaki Holding stands as a leading force, managing and financing various companies across diverse sectors. Its impressive portfolio boasts prestigious brands, supported by a robust network of distribution, retail, market, manufacturing, and service expertise. This diversification reflects the company’s foresight and adaptability, constantly evolving to meet changing market demands.

Cheers to 52 Years of Making a Difference:

The 52nd anniversary of Antaki Holding is not just a celebration of success, but an acknowledgment of the countless individuals who have contributed to its remarkable journey. From the early pioneers to the present generation, a shared commitment to innovation, integrity, and service to Lebanon has been the driving force.

As Antaki Holding embarks on the next chapter, it does so with a renewed sense of purpose, energized by a legacy of excellence and a firm belief in building a brighter future for Lebanon.

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